The Architects Association of Ecuador, Pichincha Province(CAE-P), historically organizes in the month of November every two years, the PANAMERICAN BIENNIAL OF ARCHITECTURE OF QUITO (BAQ), an event that has been going on since 1978. BAQ is one of the most important architecture events in the American Continent, providing the space where periodical exchange, integration, comparison and analysis of current architectural and urban products and trends are generated, as well as the transfer of criteria and knowledge of concepts and architectural and urban works of avant-garde. In 1994, thanks to its successful trajectory and prestige, the IX Biennial was nominated as “Pan-American Biennial of Architecture of Quito”.

In 2006, the XV Biennial received the Academic Merit Award “Federico González Suárez”, which was granted by the Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito. Additionally in 2012, the Biennial was distinguished by its trajectory in the plenary of the National Assembly as an “Academic event that contributes to the architectural, urban and cultural development of the Republic of Ecuador”. In the XIX, the Biennial was distinguished for its importance at the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Pan-American Federation of Architects’ Associations (FPAA) held in Quito parallel to the Biennial week, where BAQ was declared “Academic Event of Continental Prestige, in the field of Architecture and Urbanism” for the work developed and the significant professional level achieved by the Pan-American Architecture Biennial of Quito.

The axes of the event are:

biennial contest

It constitutes a contest of the work and publications carried out in the American continent during the last four years. This event involves a large number of professional architects and urban planners from all over the continent.

Additionally, students who pursue the last 2 years of all architecture schools in Ecuador, participate in the MEDALLA DE ORO contest.

Through the BIENNIAL CONTEST event, it has been possible to present about 6000 projects and publications during all these years and in turn, a much larger audience has been able to access the exhibited proposals. The awarding of these works and publications facilitates a recognition of the best interventions in the American continent. This recognition allows to see the greatest quality works, like an in-depth analysis of Pan-American architecture. The comparison between these works constitutes an apprenticeship for both, those who compete, and those who judge and analyze them.


A. Architectural Design
B. Urban Design and Landscape Architecture
C. Social Habitat and Development (GLOBAL COMPETITION)
D. Rehabilitation and Recycling
E. Theory, History and Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape Critique
F. Specialized Periodicals

academic event

It corresponds to an academic seminar in which lectures are given by professionals from all over the world who present the best architectural and urban practices related to the theme presented each year for the BAQ.

This seminar has the participation of an audience of mostly architecture students from all over the country, as well as architects linked to the profession from different areas, and also planners and mayors from several cities of the country.

The ACADEMIC event, has permitted reflection on the exhibitors’ work and theoretical issues related to architectural and urban tasks. It counts to date with no less than 500 exhibitors from all over the world who have held conferences and workshops in Quito. These lecturers often move to other settings in the country such as architecture faculties or municipalities to share their knowledge. In this way the biennial contributes with the academic formation and the updating and knowledge exchange.


Since architecture is a CULTURAL manifestation, the most visible benefits of carrying out this event periodically have been the exchange, integration, comparison and analysis as well as the transfer of criteria and knowledge among attendees and guests.

In order to facilitate these meetings, the Biennial has developed in parallel with the Contest and the Seminars various cultural and social activities, among which are exhibitions, guided visits to the historical center of Quito and the closing parties of the BAQ.

During the years 2014, 2015 and 2016, the MIO project has been carried out, allowing a more direct approach to the city and its different social actors, in this way, architecture relates to art and culture for the development of public spaces.