Biennial Contest


It is an open call for projects and publications made in the Americas and, in one of its categories, worldwide, during the last four years prior to each Biennial. Throughout forty years the Biennial Competition has had the participation of more than six thousand projects, rewarding its contribution in the fields of architecture and urbanism, and in the theory of architecture.

The Biennial Contest operates independently of the Academic Event, so its theme does not influence the judging line of the works participating in the contest.

All registered projects, which meet the requirements of this document, will be part of the exhibition of the participating works of the XXI BAQ 2018 and will participate in the process of judging and selecting winners. All participating projects will also be published digitally in the BAQ file hosted on the website:


The Pan-American Architecture Biennial of Quito has a team of national and international coordinators who represent the BAQ in their city and country of residence and worldwide. The coordinators are responsible for the dissemination of the BAQ personally and massively, providing support to those interested in participating in the Biennial Contest during the entire registration process.

More information about the accredited national and international coordinators of the XXI BAQ 2018 can be found on the official BAQ website

The coordinators accredited by the XXI BAQ 2018 are authorized to make the payment of the inscriptions and must obligatorily deliver to the participant an official receipt BAQ that validates the payment (document without tax value).

Participants must upload a digital image of receipt XXI BAQ 2018 to register their participation in the registration platform.

Additionally, the coordinators must deliver to the participant who requests it, a legally authorized document in the country of origin demonstrating the payment made.