Approaches to architecture in recent years tend to highlight only one aspect of architectural practice with the aim of accentuating a part of its rich and varied expressions. The social role of the architect, environmental and patrimonial concerns, technological innovations in design and construction, formal experimentation, management of the city and public space, among others, have been and probably will continue to be some of the topics to be addressed, both in practice and within universities, research centers and architecture events around the world.

In this scenario that is consistent with the prevailing cultural climate, it seems, however, that spaces for dialogue about architecture itself and its various scales have been reduced.

The XXI edition of the Pan-American Biennial of Architecture of Quito, BAQ 2018, invites architects and architectural schools of the American continent to seriously consider these questions:

Is the architecture endowed with its own rules? Does architecture have an autonomy affirmed in the knowledge of some general and transmissible principles that are its own? If so, what are these general principles? Can architecture be consistent with reality while remaining consistent with itself?

The academic axis of the Biennial will be oriented to the identification, study and exhibition of works that could be considered complete: that they be protected in the theoretical-intellectual knowledge, reflect an awareness of the historical tradition of the local or universal architecture, sensitivity to the environment, be involved in the incorporation of technological innovations and in obtaining quality constructions, be dignified by the longing for the beautiful and are involved with social, cultural and environmental reality.

It is the intention of XXI BAQ 2018 to invite to analyze and discuss an exemplary sample of projects or achievements that have been nourished, as far as possible, both abstract formal exploration and the satisfaction of immediate human needs, works that can be appreciated and be consistent with reality while remaining consistent with discipline.

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