The exhibition of the projects of the Quito Architecture Biennial is undoubtedly one of the most popular spaces in the city. From its origins in 1978 the exhibition has given the opening so that the inhabitants of Quito can know architectonic projects constructed throughout the American continent.

Given the growth and scope of BAQ in recent years, it has become essential to create spaces for dissemination that overcome the physical barrier in order to publicize the projects in their entire dimension. The digital archive is the first bet for the disclosure of architecture, it compiles the participation of projects in previous editions of the biennial contest.

In this edition the exhibition open to the public was in digital format. The decision taken by the Biennial Commission also sought to reduce the use of paper and ink, facilitate the sending of information to contestants, optimize the judging process and the subsequent dissemination of the winners.

The exhibition was held from November 16 to 19 in the Kingman and Oswaldo Guayasamín halls, which was open to the public.