MIO is the Biennial project that allows a more direct approach with the city and its different social actors, so that architecture relates to art and culture for the development of public spaces.

In order to visualize each edition in a different way, MIO has presented its objectives through distinct promotion formats. Thus, the MIO14 counted on a Short Documentary made thanks to the support of the Other Eye Films production company and the authorship of François Lazo. On the other hand, MIO15 was synthesized in a catalog that contains not only the results of the interventions carried out in Cumandá but also a series of reflections on the public space and the city.

From its beginnings, MIO has been exhibited as a successful project and there have been several areas where it has had the opportunity to present especially the development of MIO14, being part of forums focused on the Public Space theme. These are the events where this promotion has been possible:

– Thirteenth meeting on Management of Historical Centers, Havana Cuba. (May 2015).
– 1st Week of the City, Landscape and Architecture, International University of Ecuador (June 2015).
– Rethinking the Public Space, MedialabUIO (May 2016).
– Mapping is not Inhabiting, Current Art – FLACSO (October 2016).

There are also different digital and printed publications that have provided a space to present MIO results, including 30-60 Magazine (Argentina). In this context, undoubtedly, the most important publication was made in February 2015, in the digital platform Uneven Growth generated by the Museum of Modern Art of New York (MOMA). It requested a review of MIO14 in order to be part of the catalog of initiatives carried out in the world, as strategies to “generate more visible and participative cities”.