MIO16 Good Citizen Practices sought to complement the conferences’ format and there was the proposal of local practices visits made by the Biennial participants to improve the quality of life of a community through collective participation.

In order to carry out these visits, BAQ2016 called on groups, organizations, institutions, communities, universities to make their “Good Citizen Practices” visible. Thanks to the announcement, 23 practices were registered, including 3 neighborhoods of Quito and several citizen initiatives such as collaborative and community work spaces, which were visited during the Biennial week by 1500 participants per day for 3 days.

Without a doubt, this was the most highlighted experience by the participants of the BAQ, who had a different view of the city, from the active participation of these citizen managers. Finally, the best way to condense MIO16 was to map the location of all participating practices, an element that allows all citizens to have access to these spaces outside the BAQ.