Finally the Oscar Neimeyer Award.

The first prize is the project of The Place of Memory (Estudio Lima SAC Barclay & Crousse) Peru, being a project benefited by its natural condition and the magnificent building strength several of the landscape. The second prize is Biblioteca Brasiliana USP (Eduardo de Almeida and Rodrigo Midlin Loeb) Brazil for their attention to detail. The third prize is from the San Bernardo Chapel (Nicolás Campodónico) in Córdoba Argentina a space built with the humility of the brick and the luxury of light. One of the honorable mentions is the Building 0398 (Espinoza Carvajal) Ecuador for its design that shows us variety from its pedestrian front to its elegant interior. The other two mentions of honor were taken with their well-deserved applause, the Toy Box project (Mexico Architecture Group) and the Indigenous Training Center (Entrenos Atelier) in Costa Rica, for their respect for the environment.