Considering that this was the twentieth edition of the BAQ, the event began with a special homage and recognition to those who formed the Organizing Committee of the First Biennial of Architecture of Quito, an event which set a significant precedent to start the activities of the Biennial from November 14-18 in Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana.

In the first place, in this edition we achieved about 2,500 national and international participants, who attended the academic seminar “Useful classroom, good practice in academia.” This participation was due to the previous work done in the country’s GADs, architectural studios and, mainly, in each of the architecture schools in Ecuador. Thanks to the support of the university institutions, students from Quito, Cuenca, Azogues, Guayaquil, Manta, Portoviejo, Ibarra, Ambato and Loja attended the event as well as international delegations from Peru, Argentina, Cuba, Bolivia, the United States, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico.

In the XX BAQ 2016, an important effort was made to visualize more national initiatives and this is why there were talks and visits to the National Good Citizen Practices and MIO16. Several announcements were made in order to find the best experiences and 10 practices were chosen from different cities in the country. Additionally, 6 experiences of groups and institutions were presented as well as 3 exercises from universities that had fast and important actions to help the victims of the earthquake in Ecuador. This means that during the Biennial week, 19 good Ecuadorian practices were presented, displaying the important work that is being generated in Ecuador.

Finally, it was necessary to transform the BAQ in a great Useful Classroom and that is how, following the precedent of the XIX edition, the MIO16 Good Citizen Practices was developed. Thanks to the announcement made during the Biennial week, students and professionals visited about 25 practices among neighborhoods, cultural spaces, or collaborative work spaces and presented from their own course the processes of their initiatives. This was the opportunity to see the city of Quito from another perspective. During these visits 3 free parallel talks were also developed.

Conferences Useful Classroom, good practice at the academy

Conferences Good Citizen Practices

Visits MIO16