academic event


It corresponds to an academic seminar in which lectures are given by professionals from all over the world who present the best architectural and urban practices related to the theme presented each year for the BAQ.

This seminar has the participation of an audience of mostly architecture students from all over the country, as well as architects linked to the profession from different areas, and also planners and mayors from several cities of the country.

The ACADEMIC event, has permitted reflection on the exhibitors’ work and theoretical issues related to architectural and urban tasks. It counts to date with no less than 500 exhibitors from all over the world who have held conferences and workshops in Quito. These lecturers often move to other settings in the country such as architecture faculties or municipalities to share their knowledge. In this way the biennial contributes to the academic formation and the updating and knowledge exchange.


The Biennial in its latest editions has managed an average audience of 3000 people who have attended the conferences during the BAQ week.

The themes for each edition of the Biennial, try to have a line of themes defined to achieve clear reflections through the seminars taught.

BAQ invited speakers are world-renowned professionals for their innovative and successful proposals, many of which are winners of international awards.

The BAQ are invited speakers from different nationalities giving an account of diverse realities worldwide.

In the last editions have been published the catalog of speakers which has been delivered as part of the academic material that includes the inscription to the Biennial.

Many universities with faculties of architecture consider the Biennial as an elective subject so that their students can participate freely in the seminars.

The seminars allow the encounter and the interaction between the people and the participating professionals.

Since BAQ, professional ties have been created between the speakers and various institutions in the country.

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